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Covid Zero: Image of a SARS-CoV-2 virus with a “No” sign
Make the lockdowns count. There is no acceptable number of deaths.

Any country or region can eliminate COVID-19 with an action plan to reduce community spread until there are zero cases. Over two dozen countries and some of Canada’s Northern Territories and Atlantic Provinces already have successfully eliminated, or almost eliminated, community transmission. For them, life is largely back to normal. When COVID stops spreading, people stop dying. (statistics below compiled May 1, 2021)

What is Zero Covid?

● Zero Covid is an action plan to eliminate community transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) region by region

● Zero Covid,[1] CovidZero,[2] or No-COVID[3] are terms used interchangeably to describe using science-based…

New Facts for a New Pandemic

With the majority of Covid-19 cases in Canada now being the variants of concern (VOCs), it is time to update what we know.

Here is the science as of today (Ontario, April 10, 2021):


· Covid-19 is airborne: the virus can hang suspended in the air for hours and travel much further than 2m (6’), especially indoors in inadequately ventilated spaces* [1] [2]

· The virus can be spread to others from someone who is infected but not showing symptoms. …

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